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Caregiven removes the fear of caregiving.

We accomplish through intuitive guidance that’s personalized and private.  You and your loved ones work together as partners to navigate the complex decisions and emotions that are a normal part of caregiving.

The Caregiven app provides personalized, yet private guidance to empower care partners in their care journey.

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What is the difference between a care partner and a caregiver?

The difference is that of a one - versus a two-way street. The caregiver term implies a one-way relationship between two people; one who gives and the other who receives. The language suggests a passive role by the care recipient.

Caring is often a two-way street, and the balance of care is more fully captured
by the term, care partner.

Defined by HOPES Stanford University 

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Your Solutions Platform for the Care of a Loved One

A safe, convenient, and easy-to-use mobile application, Caregiven gives individuals with caregiving obligations the structure, support, and guidance they need to manage the care journey of a loved one with confidence.

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Single-point for all care activities


Centralized communication


Frictionless coordination


Secure document storage


Family time capsule


Trusted, digital guidance

The Facts Speak for Themselves

Engaged care partners who are supported in their role translates directly to:

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Fewer Trips to the Hospital

Care recipients with an engaged care partner are 50% less likely to be admitted to hospital.

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Delayed Care Facility Placement

Loved ones are able to live independently, longer with care facility placement delayed by over 20 months.

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More Meaningful Time with Loved One

Individuals who have communicated their end-of-life wishes have been known to live 25% longer and more meaningfully.
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Reduced Absenteeism 

When supported, employees with caregiving obligations are less likely to be absent, take a leave of absence or resign their position altogether.

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Greater Gender Equality

Women who assume the role of care partners are 2.5 times more likely than non-care partners to live in poverty. 

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Maintaining Financial Stability

Care partners who understand their options and available resources have lower out-of-pocket spending as well as having decreased rates of borrowing against their own financial future.

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